Sanjiv Marathe

 Sanjiv MaratheSanjiv is a quiet person with many facets.
Some call him Mr. Fix-it.
In his childhood he would  repair household appliances. oday neighbors in his building rely on him for pump and electrical repairs.
Working in IT, he devises practical solutions to various issues on software development and support. Sanjiv enjoys googling and trying out free open source solutions to substitute expensive and proprietary packages.
Recently, as a trainer he sought out to quickly bring freshers to the level of experienced software professionals.
He is a strongly believes that to be a good teacher one should first be an observing student.
He enjoys mixing with college crowd to understand their jargon, their approach, their ways of working, because he believes that the next generation can intuitively figure out something that old people arrive at after lot of consideration and time consuming analysis.
In his leisure hours, Sanjiv explores Osho, IshaYoga, Vipassana and Ramdevbaba.

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