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Do you feel like you are stuck in the rut?

There comes a time in ones career, where dissatisfaction with the present sets in. It does not seem like we are doing all that we are capable of. We feel unappreciated and underutilized.

Things that used to excite and motivate us a few years ago, like new technologies to work on and travel to other locations now become things to be avoided.

Who can help me here?

When we discuss the situation with peers, everyone appears to be in the same boat. We are lucky if there is a relative or an acquaintance whom we respect and can consult. Not everyone is so fortunate. So then we are left to fend for ourselves. Most of us fight it out. Learn though mistakes, which we later realize could have been easily avoided.

While all this is going on, we feel there is an inner turmoil that can be shared only with the closest person – a soul mate. However, as Dr. Abhay Bang has rightly pointed out in his book, “Maza Sakashatkari Hruthayrog”, the experiences that we feel are most personal to us are actually the most public ones.

This is an endeavor to share such personal experiences and learning.

Where you are going is more important than how fast you are going!

One needs to realize that not all is lost and it is just a temporary phase. It is like getting lost when we are going somewhere. We feel the same frustration and anger, the same helplessness and the desire for someone to point you in the right direction. However, when you do meet someone who can possibly help you with the directions, the first question he asks is, “Where do you want to go?”.

This question applies to our professional life as well as our personal life. For the professional life, it means we need to think about the career path.

Getting ahead in your existing career

If you feel you have done more than what you were given credit for, there is definitely gap in your superior’s assessment of your performance and your own perception. It is important to understand what is causing this perception gap.

Do we know what we need to have to get ahead in career?

Stepping up the career ladder generally means entering an unknown zone, where we may not know what is valued and what is not. What you excelled in as a subordinate, most likely is not what you are expected to do as a boss. That means you are expected to be good at tools, skills and behavior that you may not even have heard of. Do you know what it is? If not, how do we find out?

Getting to know our blind spots

Actively seeking feedback from your superiors, peers and juniors can help understand and remove some of the roadblocks in your progress.

However, as we all know from our personal experience, only a person close to you will tell you if you there is some flaw in your personal appearance such as having bits of food sticking to your nose. Persons who know you but are not close, will not talk about it as it might hurt you or they simply find it below themselves to point out such basic things. Total strangers simply do not care and may have a free laugh at your expense.

Only an unbiased and trusted advisor can truly help you

The point is, you need someone who is interested enough and yet critical enough to help you analyze where you are in your professional life. It may be possible to do this ourselves, but we still need someone to hold the mirror. I hope that WiseBytes can hold such a mirror for you.

Changing career paths

It is a proven fact that people excel at what they like to do most, which brings its own rewards.

Before we embark on an adventurous journey of changing career paths, it is important to take a stock of the situation today. Exploring where we are today, where we would like to be in future, and what can help us reach there are some of the topics we can discuss in the future articles.