K C Bhushan

Bhushan enjoys working in the social sector. Much of his time is spent in working in the area of HIV and AIDS. See

He mentors founders of startups on various aspects – typically strategy, sales, financial planning, and product management.  See

Bhushan is a certified “CEO Coach” from Coaching Foundation of India (

He loves Indian classical music and good food. He constantly seeks to get treated by friends and others.

Sandesh Gaikwad

As a coach and a consultant, Sandesh works with small and medium software companies to improve their project delivery effectiveness. He offers Project Manager training and coaching services to develop the Project Management competency. He also assists clients to implement systems and processes for effective project management.

Sandesh has over two decades of work experience in Information Technology, Professional training and Project Management. Since Apr 2008, he has been working as a Principal Consultant at ConsultSRG.

He enjoys teaching children and has been part of the Spark Institute team since 2008.

Abhay B. Joshi

Since April 2008 Abhay has been working with small software businesses, providing consulting/coaching services in areas such as, organizational development, engineering processes, and sales/marketing strategy. He also offers coaching/mentoring to individuals for professional development and career planning.

Abhay likes to teach Middle and High School students Computer Programming. For this, he works with the team at SPARK Institute in Pune, India. Their attempt is to show students that programming is an exciting and creative activity through which they can learn and apply concepts of math, graphics, animation, mechanics, logic, and problem-solving.

For more details on Abhay’s background see:

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