Getting Into The Fast Lane

Getting our career in the fast track could be easy if we can spot suitable opportunities. Here is an interesting example.

Pankaj had been in the IT industry for more than 10 years as a technical professional. He worked on deployment of leading ERP and CRM applications for Fortune 100 clients. However, he was not satisfied with his career growth. Therefore, he changed jobs. In the new job, he was one notch higher, and he got increased salary. This satisfied him for some time.

Disillusionment followed shortly

In the new job, Pankaj found that people who had been working on the project for longer duration and knew the client, got better visibility and treatment. He saw people with fewer technical skills and shorter experience enjoying the same privileges as him. To make things worse, the group head who had hired Pankaj left the organization. Pankaj was not comfortable with the new boss. He was no longer very happy in the new job.

Now, Pankaj became desperate and started to look for another job. I happened to talk with him at this time.


Pankaj had good depth of knowledge in some technical areas. He is very methodical, hardworking and happy to learn new technologies. He was trained in a leading Business Intelligence product. He also had good understanding of the business processes of a major ERP application.

New Path

We discussed the possibility of moving into the BI area. The BI market was expected to grow faster than the ERP market and our BI practice was looking for ways to catch up with competition. They were short of experienced and senior resources. Pankaj’s internal move seemed to make perfect sense. His superiors agreed to the move.

New role and responsibilities

Pankaj took the initiative to build BI solutions for specific industry verticals. These pilot solutions became part of the sales process to demonstrate the organizations capabilities in BI space. With his solid technical and business understanding, Pankaj was a natural choice for the presentations.

Early Wins

Soon Pankaj got opportunities to represent the BI Practice in International Conferences and Networking Events. Pankaj’s ability to connect with customers at business level and being able to dig deeper in the technical details when required, won him many more projects.

Success and happiness at work

Today, Pankaj is well known in his organization for his contribution to the growth of the BI practice. He has got a promotion and is back in his hometown. Now he manages teams at two locations. Most importantly, he is happy with his work!


Being focused on opportunities and leveraging on his strengths helped Pankaj to get into the fast lane. If you have the desire, getting out of stagnation at work may not be that difficult. A quality discussion with a mentor is what you may be missing.


2 responses to this post.

  1. The situation that Pankaj faced is not unique to him. As the organisations grow, individualities lose. People need to put in continuous efforts to remain or attain visibility that they deserve based on their expertise. Hopping jobs is not the solution unless we are open to change ourselves and ready to move the needle. It is not easy. Both the individual and the organisation needs to be ready for the same, especially at the senior management levels.


    • Posted by Sandesh Gaikwad on September 2, 2011 at 11:23 am

      Hi Ajay, Thanks for your comment. I agree that this situation is faced by many. What is important is that one needs to realize that we are responsible for our careers and that focus on contribution would lead to visibility, success and happiness.


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