Become Outcome Oriented

Continuing with our previous post on Avinash’s story.

Avinash realized that he was not spending time on the Outcomes that needed attention.

There are three reasons why this  problem occurs.

Firstly, some of this work is not “urgent”.  The impact of not doing these things is not immediate.

Secondly, significant thinking is required before one can start solving for these Outcomes.  Thinking requires mind space. The busyness of daily work crowds that out.

Thirdly, the Outcomes we desire are realised within an eco-system that spans several people, several departments, several organisations, several stakeholders.   We need to navigate through externalities and unknowns that we are seldom used to dealing with.  Some people find that especially hard to do.

Avinash realised “I need to define my own work.  By unthinkingly going with the daily flow I am letting others define it.”

There is one way to prevent this from happening:  Continuously focus on the Outcomes that matter.  Think again and again of the End Results that you desire.

Ensure that you have listed all the actions that need to get done to realize that result.  Many of these tasks involve other departments.  You may think of these as somebody else’s responsibility.  But the fact is that you need them done to get your results.

This thinking could change your approach in fundatmental ways.

Avinash realized that the desired outcome  “Change the method of allocation of overheads” (see Post “I Have No Time For Life 😦” ),  needs to be redefined as “Get the CFO to approve a new method for allocating overheads to my division”.

This realization completely changed his approach to the task.  Instead of working inside the comfort zone of his office, he started to talk to other stakeholders to get support for his idea. He started to share his idea early on and sought others’ feedback. Earlier he would have simply worked on the grand plan and then sent it to his CFO for approval.

Have you thought through the Outcomes that make the maximum impact? Do you know what ALL it takes to realize those Outcomes. Have you actually realized those end results?

Results matter.

There are several other facets to becoming Outcome-oriented.  Keep watching this space.


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